SaasNow introduces new pricing for SAS Viya 4 hosting

New Viya 4 instance types available today

September 21, 2021 – SaasNow, part of Notilyze and supplier of hosting-solutions for SAS-platforms, announces new pricing plans for SAS Viya 4. The new hosting options are available right away.

Colin Nugteren, CEO at SaasNow: “Viya 4 introduces a whole new architecture for SAS. We have been running Viya 4 since its initial release, and have been working with SAS customers and partners to give them the best Viya 4 experience at an affordable price point.”

After testing multiple versions of the Viya 4 software, the SaasNow team decided new bundles were better suited to accommodate the specific requirements for SAS Viya 4. Tom Dogger, CTO at SaasNow: “SAS Viya 4 comes with significant optimizations to the memory usage of SAS Viya. For Viya 3.5, we’ve always run extremely high memory configurations per core to give our customers the ultimate performance per licensed core. With Viya 4, SAS moves away from licensing cores, allowing us to add more cores to a single environment”

The new hosting plan for SAS Viya 4 has a new ratio between CPU, RAM and storage. Compared to the Viya 3.5 hosting plans, SaasNow doubles the number of CPUs for each pricing plan. SaasNow can run a SAS Viya environment on a single node, or multiple nodes can be combined into a single SAS Viya environment. The SaasNow team has put together sample environments for different types of organizations to start running Viya in a suitable way.

SaasNow offers Viya 4 hosting to SAS customers and partners in a fully managed setup. Not only infrastructure, but installation, backup, traffic, security and support are also included in a unique monthly model, creating a true SaaS experience for SAS Viya 4.

Viya 4 is available in the SaasNow dedicated European datacenter, located in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and in multiple Azure regions around the world. New environments can be deployed autonomously in the SaasNow self-service portal, and are available within 2 business days. SaasNow is ISO27001 and NEN7510 certified.

New pricing is available on our pricing page:

Viya 2021.1.3 now available on SaasNow

Last week, SAS released a new stable version of the Viya platform, version 2021.1.3. Amongst other updates, this includes the possibility to run Python code in SAS using the proc python procedure. We are happy to announce that this release is now available on SaasNow. You can deploy your Viya 2021.1.3 environment through our portal.

The next Viya release (stable 2021.1.4) is scheduled for the end of August. In this release, official support for private cloud deployments is expected, and we will make sure this is available on SaasNow as soon as possible after the release!

Through our portal, you can deploy a SAS environment with your own license. Both Viya 3.5 as well as Viya 4 (version 2020.1 and later) are supported.

For pricing, visit our pricing page or contact our sales team!

Data Controller for SAS now available on SaasNow

We are proud to announce that Data Controller for SAS is now available on SaasNow.

Data Controller is a product of Analytium Ltd, a UK company with focus on SAS software, Apps and Services.

About Data Controller

Uploading Excel from end-user laptops into enterprise data platforms using traditional ETL tools or hand-cranked code is time-consuming and error-prone, which puts your reporting deadlines and batch data deliveries at risk.

At Analytium we believe that ad-hoc uploads into IT-controlled databases should be simple, secure, and fast – which is why we created Data Controller for SAS, a zero-code solution for ad-hoc data management.

Data Controller allows business users to quickly add, edit or “delete” data in any SAS© table or connected database, with easily configurable validation, security and approval.

The result is

  • Faster onboarding of new data streams
  • Reduction in batch incidents
  • Improved data quality
  • Full audit history

Not to mention more productive and happier business users!

Rapid Installation

As a SaasNow customer, your Data Controller installation is as easy as clicking a button.


Data Controller for SAS can be purchased directly through SaasNow as part of your environment. Pricing for Data Controller for SAS is monthly and core based with unlimited users. If you already have a (user-based) license for Data Controller for SAS, this can be deployed on your SaasNow environment as well.

About Analytium

Analytium Ltd is a UK company and SAS Silver partner and reseller since 2018.  Analytium provides services in the areas of Data Intelligence and cloudification, migration of SAS 9 Stored Process Web Apps to Viya, modernisation of legacy AF/SCL apps, and several additional solution offerings including:

  • SAS Performance Monitoring and alerting with Zabbix
  • SAS 9 Health Check (over 100 automated security and performance checks)

Analytium also supports the SASjs Framework, the Sasensei quiz game, and the SAS User Group UK & Ireland.

More information

Data Controller website

Contact us for pricing

SaasNow expands datacenter to respond to demand for European cloud hosting

Expansion facilitates support for SAS Viya 4 and provides opportunities for advanced AI solutions

June 17, 2021 – SaasNow, part of Notilyze and supplier of hosting-solutions for SAS-platforms, is expanding its European data center. With the expansion, SaasNow supports the latest version of the SAS Viya-platform that runs on a scalable Kubernetes architecture. In addition, the expansion offers new possibilities such as working with GPUs for deep-learning based AI applications. With its increased focus on Europe, SaasNow responds to the growing demand from companies and government institutions for hosting within the EU borders.

Read the full press release:

Press release – English

Press release – Dutch

Get your monthly SAS license now!

SAS + Hosting
New monthly licenses available until June 19
Continued support

Managed SAS environment remains available
Bring your own licence (Viya 3.5 or Viya 4)

Get it while you still can!

SaasNow offers fully-managed cloud environments for SAS Viya in a unique monthly model. SaasNow monthly SAS licenses are available for new environments until June 19, 2021!

Environments that have been deployed before June 19, 2021 can keep using their SaasNow SAS licenses without any changes, and will continue to receive full support from SaasNow and SAS, so get your license now!

Already have a SAS license?

For customers and partners that already have a SAS license, SaasNow continues to offer hosting services in a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model.

Upload your SAS license in our portal, and your environment is ready within one business day. Both Viya 3.5 as well as Viya 4 (2020.1 and later) are supported, and your environment is fully managed by our specialists so you can focus on using the software instead of maintenance!

SAS Viya 4 available on SaasNow

We are proud to announce that SaasNow supports SAS Viya 4. Starting with Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) deployments, SAS Viya 4 is now available through SaasNow. Version 2020.1 and later are supported.

Deployment options

SaasNow supports the following deployment models;

  • Viya 4 on SaasNow – Public Cloud
    Since October 2019, SaasNow offers local hosting of SAS Viya 3.5 environments through Microsoft Azure on multiple locations. Viya 4 environments can also be deployed by SaasNow on Azure in a fully managed model.
  • Viya 4 on SaasNow
    Hosting SAS Viya in the SaasNow primary datacenters is also possible. Whilst official support from SAS on local deployments is expected later in 2021H1, SaasNow already supports the deployment of Viya 4 environments on SaasNow in our Amsterdam and New York datacenters for SAS Partners. This is an easy and cost-effective way to get started with Viya 4.
  • Viya 4 on your cloud
    Some of our customers and partners already have commitments to a major cloud provider, and want to deploy their SAS Viya 4 environment there. SaasNow can support such deployments in Azure or other clouds as well as soon as SAS supports your cloud provider.


Viya 4 also encompasses a new, user based, license model. Monthly licenses similar to our SAS Viya 3.5 monthly licenses are not (yet) available through SaasNow. Similar to Viya 3.5 and SAS 9.4, SAS partners can request new, free partner licenses through their SAS Partner Manager, or partners and customers can use their existing licenses. Contact us for your preferred deployment model and the pricing options.

About SAS Viya 4

SAS is simplifying how AI and machine learning is embedded into decisions. With a reimagined cloud-native architecture and the availability of interactive or programming interfaces, SAS customers will no longer be bound by programming language, data silos or skills. Automated data preparation, machine learning (AutoML) and model deployment improve the productivity of scarce data science resources and expand AI capabilities to those with more widely available skill sets. Results are explained in easy-to-understand terms so all can act in the moment with confidence.

With a renewed focus on APIs, SAS Viya 4 makes it easier for application developers to collaborate with data science teams and respond quickly to changing business needs. These capabilities allow customers to acquire and consume enterprise-scale analytics in the most efficient way; they can consume just the AI services they need.

SAS Viya 4 uses a continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD) process that allows customers to choose their release intervals, so they gain access to the latest product innovations the moment they’re ready or can incorporate updates into their own change-management schedules. The container-based architecture, orchestrated by Kubernetes, provides portability across different cloud environments.


More information

Contact our Sales team for more information on how to start using SAS Viya 4 in your organisation.

Tech update: SaasNow customizations

Over the years, we`ve implemented many customization on SaasNow environments. To name a few;

  • Site2site VPN
  • Point2site VPN (user based)
  • Custom authentication providers
  • Single sign on
  • SFTP key authentication instead of user/password
  • Custom domain name for single environment
  • Custom domain name for multiple environments
  • Custom TLS certificates
  • Multi-tenant deployments
  • Multi-server deployments
  • Convert single-server to multi-server deployment
  • Scale deployment from a few cores to many cores
  • Private cloud deployment
  • SAS Viya and SAS 9 combined deployment
  • SAS CI360 integration

We are always happy to support our partners and customers with these types of customizations to fit their organizational and compliance requirements, and we pride ourselves in being able to provide these customizations fast and affordable. Are you interested to learn more about these customizations, or are you interested to learn if we support other customizations? Please let us know!

Tech update: JupyterHub now available on SAS Viya environments

We are happy to announce that we can now offer JupyterHub as an addon on SaasNow. JupyterHub allows multiple users to develop and run Jupyter notebooks on a server environment. Both Python and R are supported on JupyterHub, and users can install the packages they wish to use. Ofcourse, support for connecting to SAS Viya’s CAS server through the SWAT packages is available. Authentication is integrated with SAS Logon, so the same credentials are used for JupyterHub and SAS Viya. If you are already logged in to the SAS environment, or if Single Sign On is implemented on your environment, you do not need to enter credentials. Getting started is simple;
  • Request JupyterHub to be deployed on your environment through
  • When JupyterHub is activated, it is available at the following URL: https://<yourhostname>
  • Login with your credentials for the SAS environment if needed
If you have any questions, our support team is ready to assist.

Tech update: Container deployments

At SAS Global Forum 2019 in Dallas, we announced that SaasNow supports containerized SAS Viya deployments. Next to the programming-only SAS Viya containers, support has been added for other containerized SAS deployments as well. One notable product is SAS Open Model Manager, for which deployment is now supported at SaasNow. We continue to develop our containerized deployments, and expect to be able to offer more functionality, including support for the upcoming SAS Viya 4 release, soon.