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SaasNow offers two different services, depending on whether you are in possession of a SAS® license. Below you can find all features per service and compare them.


SAS® hosting with your own SAS®

SAS + Hosting

Hosting including SAS®

Note: Only available for environments deployed before June 19, 2021, contact us for information regarding licenses

The Basics
Deployment in 4 hours
Flexible contract period (monthly, quarterly, yearly)
Secure SAS environment
State of the art SAS Viya platform
Knowledgable support
SFTP connection for data transfer
Hosting in Amsterdam (EU)
Hosting + licensing
Hosting (up to 128 cores)
Includes SAS license
Bring your own SAS license
SAS Viya products
SAS Viya:
- SAS Visual Analytics (on SAS Viya)
- SAS Visual Statistics (on SAS Viya)
- SAS Data Preparation
- SAS Data Quality
- SAS Visual Text Analytics
- SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning
- SAS Visual Forecasting
- SAS Econometrics
- SAS Optimization
- SAS/ACCESS engines
Any SAS Viya product combination

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Optional addons

By default, SaasNow environments can be accessed securely over the internet. Connectivity to your local data sources may require a VPN connection. A site2site VPN connection allows secured access to on-premise resources, like local databases or authentication providers like Active Directory. SaasNow supports IPSec site2site VPN connections. If your company has specific VPN requirements, please let us know.

Management of your SaasNow environment can be managed through the SaasNow self-service portal by default. Implementation of custom authentication providers is optionally available. SAS Viya supports multiple ways (LDAP, LDAPS, SAML, OAuth, Kerberos) to integrate with your own (single sign-on) authentication provider like Azure AD, AD FS, Okta, OneLogin, 0auth and many more. SaasNow supports connecting to custom authentication providers, either over the internet or through VPN, including support for Single Sign-On.

By default, SaasNow environments are deployed to a domain name managed by SaasNow, where SaasNow takes care of the certificated. Users connect to this domain name to access the environment. Optionally, your own domain name can be used to access the environment.

SaasNow has a dedicated datacenter in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) for environment deployments. Optionally, SaasNow can be deployed at a location closer to you in public cloud. Initial support is available for Toronto (Canada), Singapore (Singapore) and Tokyo (Japan). New locations can be added on-demand according to your requirements.

Looking for other customizations? We will likely be able to assist you with other customizations as well. Contact our sales team for more information.