From SAS®, the world leader in analytics, SAS® Viya® provides an extension to the SAS® platform. Designed for native cloud deployment, addressing new use cases and including new analytics methods. With both visual and programming interfaces, SAS® Viya® products serve the needs of all analytics audiences – from data scientists to business analysts, application developers to executives – generating results that scale for agile IT.
SAS® Viya® enables SaasNow to deploy bigger cloud solutions and to scale up to more than 16 cores. Also, integrating with existing database environments will be easier.

SAS® Viya®


SAS® Visual Analytics

Visually explore relationships and patterns in data – smartly, quickly and easily. Self-service analytics will illuminate critical insights. Interactive reports will make it collaborative. SAS® Visual Analytics running on SAS® Viya® will enable you to:


  • Evaluate all options and possibilities, using interactive data discovery to find out why something happened and identify critical drivers in a well-governed manner.
  • Quickly create interactive reports and dashboards that you can share with front-line users via the web, mobile devices and Microsoft applications.
  • Put easy-to-use analytics at everyone’s fingertips, so analysts can asess posssible outcomes and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

SAS® Visual Statistics

Analyze different types of data, with unseen granularity. Delve deeper into your data than ever before, exploring anywhere and everywhere to unearth opportunities that previously remained hidden. SAS® Visual Statistics running on SAS® Viya® is a powerful, in-memory offering that will:


  • Boost productivity with a single, integrated environment that addresses all steps necessary to turn raw data into valuable answers.
  • Put descriptive and predictive modeling techniques at your fingertips, so you can create, compare and refine models on the fly to get the best results.
  • Foster peer collaboration in an easy-to-use, shared environment where multiple users can simultaneously analyze large amounts of data stored in SAS®, databases and Hadoop.

SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning

Boost your analytical productivity. Find faster, more creative answers to even the most complex problems. SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning is an open, scalable, advanced analytics environment that.


  • Combines data wrangling, data exploration and visualization, feature engineering and dimension reduction – as well as advanced unsupervised and supervised learning techniques.
  • Provides a powerful, in-memory programming language – in SAS® or accessible from other coding languages – for analyzing large, complicated data and uncovering new insights faster.
  • Enables dramatic performance gains by removing the barriers created by data sizes, data diversity, limited analytical depth and computational bottleneck

SAS® Econometrics

Economic and market conditions, customer demographics, pricing and marketing activities can all affect your organization. Our econometric capabilities, time series analysis and time series forecasting techniques can help you understand those factors and improve your strategic planning. Benefits:

  • Analyze the impact of promotions and events.
  • Measure and predict marketing investment activities.
  • Make better staffing decisions.
  • Model customer choices and price elasticities.
  • Model risk factors and predict economic outcomes.

SAS® Optimization

SAS® Optimization provides powerful optimization modeling capabilities for considering more alternative scenarios to determine the best courses of action. With SAS® Optimization you will be able to:


  • Quickly solve complex optimization problems.
  • Drive better decision making.
  • Use your preferred programming language.

SAS® Visual Forecasting

Operate more efficiently and effectively by automatically producing a large number of forecasts for a broad range of organizational planning challenges. SAS® Visual Forecasting is built on the open SAS® Viya® platform and supports popular open-source and SAS® language coding in a single environment. Features:


  • Streamline and automate your forecasting process.
  • Plan better for the future.
  • Use your preferred programming language.

SAS® Visual Text Analytics

SAS® Visual Text Analytics enables you to uncover insights hidden within unstructured data using the combined power of natural language processing, machine learning and linguistic rules – and helps you to overcome the challenges of identifying and categorizing large volumes of text data. English and a language of choice is included with Visual Text Analytics. Additional language packs can also be purchased. For a list of available languages, click HERE. Hungarian and Romanian are expected to be added.

Other software

If you need a distributed or non-distributed environment with SAS® Software, such as SAS® Visual Analytics with 4 to 128 cores, SaasNow is the perfect solution. For other SAS® software, SaasNow can provide SAS® Private Clouds.


  • SaasNow Private Clouds are suitable for all SAS® Software.
  • All configurations from all our datacenters
  • Payment per month, contract per year
  • Possible in combination with SAS® Application Maintenance


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