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What do we do?


SaasNow enables speedy cloud deployment of SAS Viya products without investment in on-premise infrastructure or the need to have installation skills in-house. We take care of getting your SAS cloud environments up and running so you can focus on transforming your data into business value. With SaasNow’s cloud solution, you can launch a self-service business intelligence and analytics environment for your entire organization or for a department within your organization without the need to buy any hardware or licenses. Our unique and straightforward monthly subscription service includes both SAS licenses and fully managed cloud infrastructure. The solution is cost-effective, flexible and scalable to your business objectives. SaasNow’s subscription service guarantees maximum flexibility. SaasNow enables you to maximize the return on your IT investments and scale SAS’ proven technology stack without the constraints of infrastructure, software licenses or skilled staff.


Founded in 2015, SaasNow has been managing SAS® products in a private cloud, in a unique monthly full self-service cloud model. Starting with SAS® vApp technology, SaasNow was one of the first providers to offer a true cloud experience for SAS® Visual Analytics. With the release of SAS Viya in 2016, SaasNow has been able to support many more SAS products, including SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning. Currently, all SAS Viya products and bundles can be automatically deployed on SaasNow within a few hours.


Through the years, SaasNow has deployed and managed hundreds of environments. These environments range from small four-core demo environments to multi-server production setups of up to 128 cores with a wide variety of customer-specific customizations and integrations, like customized authentication (Kerberos or SSO integrations) and external data source connections (SQL and Apache Hadoop). SaasNow’s cloud experts developed best practices for sizing, deploying, updating, upgrading, and monitoring many instances of SAS Viya at the same time. Our experience and best practices us to make SAS Viya available to our customers and partners within just a few hours. Furthermore, we can have new releases available within days after SAS has released them. In this way, SaasNow offers a true cloud experience for SAS Viya.

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SaasNow is powererd by Notilyze. A company assisting organizations with data analytics, in such a way that you get the solution that helps you become a more data-driven and successful organization. For more information, take a look at their website: notilyze.com.