SaasNow: Business intelligence and analytics as a service

With SaasNow for SAS® Viya® you will be able to solve your business problems regardless of the size of your organization. SaasNow enables you to maximize the return on your IT investments without the constraints of infastructure or availability of skilled staff.

Using this cloud solution you will be able to launch a self-service business intelligence and analytics environment for your entire organization or for a department within your organization without the need to buy any hardware or licenses. You’ll directly lower your total cost of ownership. The solution is flexible and scalable to your business needs and goals. SaasNow is based on a monthly contract and guarantees maximum flexibility.

SaasNow for SAS® Viya® includes:

  • One or a combination of SAS® Viya® solutions:
  • Scalable and flexible environment for self-service business intelligence and analytics
  • State-of-the-art data visualization possibilities
  • Data exploration and reporting for large data sets
  • Setup within 1 working day and a monthly contract
  • Instant access to multilingual SaasNow Portal
  • sFTP Support for port 2222 / direct data connections

SaasNow offers the following SAS® Viya® solutions in a pay per month model including infrastructure:

  • SAS® Visual Analytics
  • SAS® Visual Statistics
  • SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • SAS® Econometrics
  • SAS® Optimization
  • SAS® Visual Forecasting
  • SAS® Visual Text Analytics

Partner based model

SaasNow is specially designed for SAS® partners. As a SAS® partner, you can manage your customers environments via the self-service portal. Every partner in the participating countries can start directly after free registering. If your country is not available yet, or you’re not a SAS® partner yet, please contact us.

End users

As an end user, you can easily order SaasNow and choose a partner in your country. If you don’t have a partner, SAS® will put you in contact with a local partner.


SaasNow is being hosted in datacenters across Europe and in New York and is available on Public Cloud.

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