Viya 2021.1.3 now available on SaasNow

Last week, SAS released a new stable version of the Viya platform, version 2021.1.3. Amongst other updates, this includes the possibility to run Python code in SAS using the proc python procedure. We are happy to announce that this release is now available on SaasNow. You can deploy your Viya 2021.1.3 environment through our portal.

The next Viya release (stable 2021.1.4) is scheduled for the end of August. In this release, official support for private cloud deployments is expected, and we will make sure this is available on SaasNow as soon as possible after the release!

Through our portal, you can deploy a SAS environment with your own license. Both Viya 3.5 as well as Viya 4 (version 2020.1 and later) are supported.

For pricing, visit our pricing page or contact our sales team!