Data Controller for SAS now available on SaasNow

We are proud to announce that Data Controller for SAS is now available on SaasNow.

Data Controller is a product of Analytium Ltd, a UK company with focus on SAS software, Apps and Services.

About Data Controller

Uploading Excel from end-user laptops into enterprise data platforms using traditional ETL tools or hand-cranked code is time-consuming and error-prone, which puts your reporting deadlines and batch data deliveries at risk.

At Analytium we believe that ad-hoc uploads into IT-controlled databases should be simple, secure, and fast – which is why we created Data Controller for SAS, a zero-code solution for ad-hoc data management.

Data Controller allows business users to quickly add, edit or “delete” data in any SASĀ© table or connected database, with easily configurable validation, security and approval.

The result is

  • Faster onboarding of new data streams
  • Reduction in batch incidents
  • Improved data quality
  • Full audit history

Not to mention more productive and happier business users!

Rapid Installation

As a SaasNow customer, your Data Controller installation is as easy as clicking a button.


Data Controller for SAS can be purchased directly through SaasNow as part of your environment. Pricing for Data Controller for SAS is monthly and core based with unlimited users. If you already have a (user-based) license for Data Controller for SAS, this can be deployed on your SaasNow environment as well.

About Analytium

Analytium Ltd is a UK company and SAS Silver partner and reseller since 2018.  Analytium provides services in the areas of Data Intelligence and cloudification, migration of SAS 9 Stored Process Web Apps to Viya, modernisation of legacy AF/SCL apps, and several additional solution offerings including:

  • SAS Performance Monitoring and alerting with Zabbix
  • SAS 9 Health Check (over 100 automated security and performance checks)

Analytium also supports the SASjs Framework, the Sasensei quiz game, and the SAS User Group UK & Ireland.

More information

Data Controller website

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