Tech update: SaasNow customizations

Over the years, we`ve implemented many customization on SaasNow environments. To name a few;

  • Site2site VPN
  • Point2site VPN (user based)
  • Custom authentication providers
  • Single sign on
  • SFTP key authentication instead of user/password
  • Custom domain name for single environment
  • Custom domain name for multiple environments
  • Custom TLS certificates
  • Multi-tenant deployments
  • Multi-server deployments
  • Convert single-server to multi-server deployment
  • Scale deployment from a few cores to many cores
  • Private cloud deployment
  • SAS Viya and SAS 9 combined deployment
  • SAS CI360 integration

We are always happy to support our partners and customers with these types of customizations to fit their organizational and compliance requirements, and we pride ourselves in being able to provide these customizations fast and affordable. Are you interested to learn more about these customizations, or are you interested to learn if we support other customizations? Please let us know!