SAS Viya available on self-service SaasNow platform

Lisbon, 27 October 2016 – Today, SaasNow – supplier of cloud-based SAS software – is launching the very first analytics application using the SAS Viya platform.
SAS Viya, announced by SAS earlier this year, is a scalable cloud architecture which is capable of solving problems of any size. SAS Viya provides an environment for data preparation and exploration, as well as the configuration, implementation and management of models. This new architecture allows each user type to gain insights from the available data much quicker.
SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning (VDMML) is the first solution to be made available on the SaasNow portal using SAS Viya. SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning software responds to the explosive growth in computing and big data, offering profound insights that were previously unattainable. This means that machine learning can be used, for example, for integrated face recognition in security systems, as well as making accurate recommendations in e-commerce and medical diagnoses.
As from today, SAS customers can automatically launch SAS Visual Data Mining & Machine Learning via the portal and will have access to this application within 20 minutes. SAS customers can use their own licenses to activate SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning in the SaasNow Cloud. In this way, there are only costs associated with the infrastructure (starting at € 403 per month/€ 20 per day).
SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning is now available on SaasNow’s SAS Viya platform from multiple data centers, including London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam and New York. Other solutions from the SAS Viya portfolio, including SAS Visual Investigator and the new versions of SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics, will also be made available on the SaasNow platform.
SAS Forum Portugal
SaasNow is launching this new product today at the SAS Forum in Portugal. This conference in Lisbon is visited by more than 1500 professionals wanting to get inspired about innovations and analytics.

About SaasNow
SaasNow is a Dutch innovative start-up and supplier of the SaasNow self-service BI & Business Analytics solution. The company provides cloud services to SAS partners based on SAS software, which can be bought and paid for via a monthly subscription. A self-service portal allows end users to gain valuable insights from their data without being dependent on the IT department. The SaasNow portfolio is available in more than 180 countries.
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