SAS Viya 4 available on SaasNow

We are proud to announce that SaasNow supports SAS Viya 4. Starting with Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) deployments, SAS Viya 4 is now available through SaasNow. Version 2020.1 and later are supported.

Deployment options

SaasNow supports the following deployment models;

  • Viya 4 on SaasNow – Public Cloud
    Since October 2019, SaasNow offers local hosting of SAS Viya 3.5 environments through Microsoft Azure on multiple locations. Viya 4 environments can also be deployed by SaasNow on Azure in a fully managed model.
  • Viya 4 on SaasNow
    Hosting SAS Viya in the SaasNow primary datacenters is also possible. Whilst official support from SAS on local deployments is expected later in 2021H1, SaasNow already supports the deployment of Viya 4 environments on SaasNow in our Amsterdam and New York datacenters for SAS Partners. This is an easy and cost-effective way to get started with Viya 4.
  • Viya 4 on your cloud
    Some of our customers and partners already have commitments to a major cloud provider, and want to deploy their SAS Viya 4 environment there. SaasNow can support such deployments in Azure or other clouds as well as soon as SAS supports your cloud provider.


Viya 4 also encompasses a new, user based, license model. Monthly licenses similar to our SAS Viya 3.5 monthly licenses are not (yet) available through SaasNow. Similar to Viya 3.5 and SAS 9.4, SAS partners can request new, free partner licenses through their SAS Partner Manager, or partners and customers can use their existing licenses. Contact us for your preferred deployment model and the pricing options.

About SAS Viya 4

SAS is simplifying how AI and machine learning is embedded into decisions. With a reimagined cloud-native architecture and the availability of interactive or programming interfaces, SAS customers will no longer be bound by programming language, data silos or skills. Automated data preparation, machine learning (AutoML) and model deployment improve the productivity of scarce data science resources and expand AI capabilities to those with more widely available skill sets. Results are explained in easy-to-understand terms so all can act in the moment with confidence.

With a renewed focus on APIs, SAS Viya 4 makes it easier for application developers to collaborate with data science teams and respond quickly to changing business needs. These capabilities allow customers to acquire and consume enterprise-scale analytics in the most efficient way; they can consume just the AI services they need.

SAS Viya 4 uses a continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD) process that allows customers to choose their release intervals, so they gain access to the latest product innovations the moment they’re ready or can incorporate updates into their own change-management schedules. The container-based architecture, orchestrated by Kubernetes, provides portability across different cloud environments.


More information

Contact our Sales team for more information on how to start using SAS Viya 4 in your organisation.