SAS Visual Analytics 8.4 available on SaasNow

Recently SAS released new versions of some of their offerings on the Viya platform. Whilst the Viya platform remains at version 3.4, some solutions have a new version. Most significantly, SAS Visual Analytics has been updated to version 8.4, bringing (amongst others) the following new features;

  • SAS Report Viewer is now fully integrated into the SAS Visual Analytics user interface
  • The automated analysis object has been completely redesigned and is now called Automated explanation.
  • An SDK is available for easy integration of Visual Analytics reports, objects and data in websites and other applications

The latest versions of the following SAS Viya products are available in our monthly SaasNow offering;

  • SAS Visual Analytics 8.4
  • SAS Visual Statistics 8.4
  • SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning 8.4
  • SAS Visual Text Analytics 8.4
  • SAS Visual Forecasting 8.4
  • SAS Data Preparation 2.2
  • SAS Data Quality 3.4
  • SAS Econometrics 8.4
  • SAS Optimization 8.4

For SaasNow Flexible environments (our bring your own license offering), the latest version of SAS Viya is also supported, including software that is not yet available in our monthly licensing model (i.e. Event Stream Processing, Visual Investigator, Intelligent Decisioning). Like our regular offering, SaasNow Flexible environments are also provisioned within one business day.

SaasNow pricing – Viya 3.4 – Euro

SaasNow pricing – Viya 3.4 – US Dollar