SaasNow is first in the world to provide SAS® Viya™ analytics products in the cloud

SaasNow is first in the world to provide SAS® Viya™ analytics products in the cloud 
New York, 26 September 2017 – SaasNow, supplier of the self-service portal of the same name, as well as BI and analytics cloud software, announces that it is the first supplier to offer the complete SAS Viya analytics product portfolio via a scalable self-service portal.
SaasNow provides these latest additions to the SAS Platform through extensive partner
channels. In addition to SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics, SaasNow has extended their SAS services to include SAS Econometrics, SAS Optimization and SAS Visual Forecasting. Making it possible to get started quickly at a low cost through SaasNow’s highly scalable services is attractive to organizations that are experimenting and innovating with analytics.  The portability and scalability of SAS appeals to organizations that need to retain their flexibility for future growth and changing markets. And just as with their other services, SaasNow’s fast delivery at a favorable rate is guaranteed for SAS Viya products.
“SAS Viya products and solutions have been built with the cloud in mind, which made it easy for us to provide these capabilities in the SaasNow cloud infrastructure,” says Gerben van Leeuwen, general director of SaasNow. “This offers many advantages, such as direct database connections and side-to-side VPN options, making it easier to move data to and from the hosted environment. With today’s changing technology landscape, the flexible structure of having SAS offered in the cloud gives us the ability to quickly add more services in the future and offer new capabilities to meet customer needs. We already have a number of very satisfied customers using SAS Viya products in our SaasNow environment.”
“SaasNow is a very important and innovative partner for us,” says Rob Spee, Director of Global Channels at SAS. “Together, we help our customers rapidly achieve and maximize the value of their data through cloud-based analytics. SaasNow is a valuable relationship to us as the premier partner worldwide to offer SAS Viya products in the cloud.”
About SaasNow
SaasNow is an innovative Dutch startup and supplier of the SaasNow self-service BI & Business Analytics solution of the same name. The company provides cloud services to SAS partners based on SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics and offers the full SAS Viya portfolio, which can be bought and paid for as a monthly subscription. A self-service portal allows end users to obtain valuable insights from their data without being dependent on the IT department. The SaasNow portfolio is available in more than 180 countries. SaasNow BV is part of Equium Holding. More information:
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